本宫鹰嘴脆/PavoMea Chickpea Crisp Package


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本宫鹰嘴脆/PavoMea Chickpea Crisp Package

客户 |本宫
行业类别 |食品
时间 | 2018
地点| 北京

Customer | Pavomea
Industry Category | Food
Design project|packaging
Time | 2018
Location | Beijing

本宫鹰嘴脆是由本宫艺术甜品出品的零食产品。 本2018世界杯投注开户以达芬奇的作品《抱银貂的少妇(The Lady with the Ermine(1489-1490))作为人物形象的灵感来源,2018世界杯投注开户了四位代表不同性格和身份的女性形象代表不同口味。直爽的川女士代表炭烧香辣味,腹黑的绫子小姐代表芥末海苔味,干练的菲昂纳小姐代表开心果味,傲娇的本宫小姐代表枣夹核桃味。这四位人物,也代表了四种典型的现代女性形象。这款2018世界杯投注开户的点睛之笔是——撕开眼睛时,人物眼睛的会变化!正像是撕下生活面具之后的每一个人。包装整体的三棱柱结构也别具特色。

Pavomea Chickpea Crisp is a new snack produced by the artsy dessert brand Pavomea. Its package design picks up the image of Da Vinci’s famous portrait painting The Lady with the Ermine as pictorial inspiration source to fabricate 4 female figures that stand for 4 different ideal types of women, and also 4 flavors of the Chickpea Crisp.

The first is Ms. Ayako who is a pop idol that loves to collect hats and buy things from second-hand market. She is quiet outside and warm inside, holding a red carp. And she stands for the flavor of Mustard sea moss. The second is Ms. Fiona who is a foreign company executive. She holds a teddy bear and stands for the flavor of pistachio. The third is Ms. Chuan, she is a music producer who enjoys electronic products and futuristic dresses. She holds a fox and stands for the spicy flavor. And the last one is the owner of a dessert store, holding a peacock, standing for a special flavor coming from the traditional Chinese dessert called the date and walnut. What's more surprised is that the eye-part of the 4 figures change evidently while you tearing off the packages. And the shape of prism takes on the triangle design of the brand as well.




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本宫鹰嘴脆/PavoMea Chickpea Crisp Package